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Attaching Data

Attaching Databases

Omnidex allows entire databases to be attached to the current Omnidex Environment, incorporating all of their tables and Omnidex indexes. This can greatly expand the data available to query, and enhance the ability to optimize queries across multiple databases within the enterprise. Any type of database from any Omnidex Environment can be attached. This allows great flexibility in linking multiple applications together, such as linking a SQL Server customer database with a Raw Data File data warehouse.

Attaching databases can also be useful for applications that reference the results from previous queries in future queries. If the result set consists of a single column, such as a primary key, this can be done simply using Omnidex Segments; however, some applications identify the results of a previous query using multiple columns, or even multiple tables. Omnidex allows these results to be rendered into a miniature Omnidex database, complete with Omnidex indexing. Future queries can attach as many result set databases as needed to perform order suppression or other tasks, all taking advantage of the Omnidex indexes.

Attaching a database is simple, and uses the ATTACH DATABASE statement, as shown below:

> connect to simple
Connected to D:\class\labs\attach\simple.xml

> attach database                GEO
>>  from                          geo.xml;
Database GEO attached

The newly attached database can be see using the SHOW TABLES command in OdxSQL:

> show tables


    Table                               Length Cols         Rows Type
    COUNTRIES                               98    7          239 FIXED
    STATES                                  44    6           76 FIXED
    GENDERS                                 33    2            2 FIXED
    HOUSEHOLDS                              99    6        1,909 FIXED
    INDIVIDUALS                            159    7        5,000 FIXED
    COUNTRIES                               98    7          239 FIXED
    REGIONS                                 36    4           12 FIXED
    STATES                                  44    6           76 FIXED
    COUNTIES                                50    9        3,241 FIXED
    ZIPCODES                                76   11       42,474 FIXED

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