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Environment Variables


Omnidex supports the use of environment variables and shell scripts in several locations within the product. This allows some aspects of the metadata to be based upon the calling environment rather than always being explicitly stated in the Omnidex Environment File or the Omnidex SQL statements. This is useful for many different scenarios:

  • System Administration - As servers and volumes change, it can be intrusive to have to change all of the references to those servers and volumes in the Omnidex Environment File or the Omnidex SQL. Environment variables allow the system administrator to control those locations in a convenient and standardized way.
  • Test Environments - Applications benefit from having smaller test environments where changes can be checked before being placed in production. Environment variables allow administrators to share the same metadata files between the test and production environments.
  • Easy releases - A common approach to releasing an application is to take one environment offline and place the other environment online. This change can be made simple through the use of environment variables that point to the newly released location.
  • Replication - Applications that are replicated and distributed to many locations will benefit from environment variables by allowing each location to set appropriate environment variables before launching their copy of the application.

Omnidex also supports a collection of reserved environment variables, some of which are required and most of which are optional. Most of these environment variables either point to the location of the software and or configure parts of the software.

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