Omnidex Release Notes

The following is a list of fixes and enhancements for Omnidex organized by the release.

5.01.01G (In Development)

OdxSQL no longer requires Windows file specifications to be escaped when using a connection string. Prior to 5.01.01G, the following syntax was required when using Windows filespecs and connection strings:

odxsql> connect [localhost:7555]c:\\dev\\odx\\myodx.xml;

Now the following syntax is allowed:

odxsql> connect [localhost:7555]c:\dev\odx\myodx.xml;

5.01.01F (Aug 6, 2010)

Fixes to OdxNet to better handle network processing across a grid.

Known Problems:

NsAdmin does not work.
odxnet -admin option is not currently active.
odxnet -nodaemon option is disabled.

Index_Directory changes

As of the 5.01.01F release, the Index Directory option of the CREATE DATABASE no longer uses the index direction option and will instead create the directory if they do not already exist in the OS. Existing DDL may have to be modified if they are using the Index_Directory/Index_Prefix option.

Version 5.1

DDL Support

  • Omnidex Data Definitiion (DDL) support

Terminology changes

Omnidex Index is a MDK index with the NP and NE options.
QuickText Index is a MDK index with the KW option.
FullText Index is a MDK index.

XML versus ENV Catalogs

As of Omnidex 5.1 XML Environments are the preferred approach over the legacy Omnidex Environment Catalogs using the original OmniAccess Environment syntax and compiled with oacomp. With 5.1, XML Environments can be more easily maintained with the OdxSQL using the DDL CREATE statements. The new Omnidex Environment file is stored in the common XML format.

Version 5.0 - July 2009


  • Unification of ASK and MDK indexes in DBINSTAL.
  • OdxQuery is no longer being supported. The program may still be in the Omnidex distribution. Customers should use OdxSQL with the -odbc option to test retrievals across the network.
  • DSEDIT's Connect and Retrieval options are no longer supported but DSEDIT can still be used to create System, User and File ODBC and JDBC Data Sources. This functionality is being moved to the Omnidex Administrator in the 5.2 release.

Build 4.5.01A - Jan 2009


  • Support for native 64-bit on Windows, Linux and HP-UX
  • Support for Oracle 11g on HP-UX
  • Support for MySQL 5.01 on Windows and Linux using the DataAccess ODBC Interface


  • Support for detailed, real-time statistics from the ODXSQL UPDATE STATISTICS command
  • Support in OdxSQL for api=JDBC
  • Support for UPDATE INDEXES command to build Omnidex Indexes from ODXSQL or oaexecsql
  • Support for LOAD OFX, UPDATE ROLLUPS and UPDATE TEXT in oaexecsql as well as ODXSQL
  • Support for Omnidex XML Environments in OmniAccess, with support in:
    • oacomp with -xml option or specifying an Omnidex Environment with an xml suffix.
    • oadecomp
    • oahelper
  • Support more efficient given name synonym lists with a maximum of eight synonyms
  • Changed oaglobal.env to Omnidex.env, allowing “connect myenv” without a path specification
  • Changed OAGLOBAL environment variable to OMNIDEX_ENV


  • Added support for a -odxnet option in OdxSQL to automatically launch OdxNET
  • Added support for both 32-bit and 64-bit C DATETIME datatypes
  • Fixed problem with OdxSQL command SET CONTINUATION OFF
  • Fixed problem with $BITMAP_INDEX and other columns in system catalog table $INDEXES
  • Fixed signal handler in Java scenarios. [Note JBOSS must still be run with alternate Java DLL.]
  • Allow $SCORE and $CONTAINS even when no proximity qualifications have occurred
  • added support for the CLOB datatype in Omnidex Standalone Tables (OST).
  • Added file sizes for flatfile databases in the ODXSQL SHOW command and the info calls.
  • Internal Changes to the Info call structure and Makefile

Build 4.4.02B - Aug 2007


  • Support oafetchkeys with KEYWD or KWCOUNT options on Distributed Indexes
  • Support the column alias also being the name of a column in the table.
  • Support NULL values for OMNIDEX, ANSI, ASCII and C DATE datatypes.
  • Support for Java 1.5 on UNIX platforms
  • Automatically add App_Themes directory on first use of OmniSearch (preview only)

Build 4.4.02A - Aug 2007


  • Beta release of Omnidex JDBC Intelligent Router
  • Support for JDK and JRE 1.5 for the Omnidex JDBC driver
  • Translate environment variables in datasources for the Omnidex JDBC


  • Support for nested queries in the FROM clauses within the WHERE clause
  • Optimization of nested queries against partition qualifiers within Union Views
  • Optimization using rollup tables within Union Views
  • Improved optimization in Union Views within columns using the DISTINCT_IN_PARTITION option
  • Improve memory mapping and exclusive access for files
  • Fix to avoid processing grouped COUNT(DISTINCT …) using rollup tables unless all group by columns match the rollup table
  • Fix display of counts for OmniSearch ActiveCounts template (preview only)

Build 4.4.01C


  • Optimization of nested queries against partition qualifiers in Union Views.
  • Optimization using rollup tables in Union Views.


  • Fix problems with oastatementinfo in queries against grids (DBUNION rule)

Build 4.4.01B - Jul 2007


  • Support for the DataAccess ODBC driver on Linux, with testing against FreeTDS


  • Fixed DSEdit and OdxQuery to allow them to work with 4.4.n releases.
  • Fixed Omnidex Addin problem with DBUNION (Grid) statements.

Build 4.4.01A - June 2007


  • Optimization of TOP, SKIP, EVERY and RANDOM clause of SELECT statements to take advantage of skips within indexing.
  • Improve handling of TOP and SKIP operations in the grid processing with the Addin (DBUNION rule).
  • Change version checking between client and server so that:
    • ODBC and JDBC are based on an earliest compatible version, and
    • CLOA is based on the Omnidex version, taking into consider whether info calls are to be used.
  • For CLOA, the new property NoInfoCalls=Yes is supported, and if set, allows versions to sync on just x.xx, rather than x.xx.xx.
  • – oaversion now supports showing the earliest
  • Alpha internal release of OmniSearch


  • Improve debug messages to show better operating system information in banners and trace files.
  • Fix abort that occurs when column alias is a literal, but order by is a column.
  • Fix to oainfo to resolve problems with info calls in the ODBC driver
  • Improve performance of Hashed Data Cache on large result sets.

Build 4.3.4A - Apr 2007


  • Port to 64-bit Linux


  • Change oahelper’s generation of Omnidex installation scripts from a Unix shell script to a two input files, one for installing indexes and one for building indexes
  • Change oahelper’s environment source generation to declare the database type as SQL Server rather than ODBC on SQL Server databases
  • Support for SET CONTINUATION ON | OFF in ODXSQL to support Oracle or SQL Server style of entering multi-line statements.
  • Fix OMNIDEX_DEBUG=ALL to display DataAccess driver messages as well
  • Change licensing checks in Omnidex so that more utility operations are allowed when unlicensed, while still prohibiting database and index access.
  • Fix problem where the OFX index files were not being deleted along with their TDF data files
  • Fix problem in the Omnidex kernel where the pre-intersect counts were inaccurate on bitmap-indexed columns.
  • Internal only: change odxget’s count parameter to a 32-bit integer to allow larger skip forward or skip backward operations.

Build 4.3.03A - Feb 2007


  • Support for optimized radius searches, including
  • Support for $distance function
  • Support for USAGE LATITUDE, USAGE LONGITUDE in the environment file
  • Optimization of $distance functions against Omnidex composite keys containing longitude and then latitude
  • Support for Rollup Tables, including
  • Support for declaration of Rollup Tables in the environment files
  • Support for automatically optimizing queries using rollup tables
  • Support for UPDATE ROLLUPS command in ODXSQL
  • Support for metadata about Rollup Tables in oatableinfo
  • Support for PARTITION BY clauses containing more than one predicate, such as STATE in (‘CO’) and ZIP between (‘80000’ and ‘80999’)


  • Support for Oracle 8 on Windows platforms
  • Support for Oracle 10g on Linux platforms
  • Fix error in Omnidex kernel in large wildcard qualifications, such as 1995@ (Axciom)
  • Fix error in Omnidex kernel dealing with intersecting large bitmap ID lists
  • Allow partitioning of all tables for grid environments, rather than restricting to child tables
  • Improve table join support for grid environments
  • Improve temporary file naming routines to make more unique for high-speed, multithreaded operations
  • Disallow the LOAD OFX FOR TDF … command since it is replaced by LOAD OFX FOR TABLE … command

Build 4.3.2B - Oct 2006

  • Support for creating/attaching a temp table with a specified access level.
  • Improved handling of semaphores
  • Fixed eadecomp to preserve “partition by” clauses
  • Fixed oahelper to load correct .dll based on version number

Build 4.3.1E - Sep 2006

  • Support for new PRESERVE_CRITERIA option in oaselect
  • Improved performance when checking for blank char fields
  • Handling of incorrectly formulated in-clauses (e.g., “gender in (M, F, G)” instead of “gender in ('M', 'F', 'G')” )
  • Fixed partition table problem when “env.db.tbl” is used
  • Fixed OPEN CURSOR and CLOSE CURSOR issues in Omnidex OmniAccess Client API (cloa)
  • Fixed SNOWFLAKE_UNJOIN problem of changing “or” to “and” in the where clause
  • Removed reliance on the OMNIDEX_LIBS environment variable.

Build 4.3.1B - Jul 2006

  • Support for multiple OR’d values in partition qualifiers for aggregation indexes
  • Support for partition qualifiers in aggregation indexes that have partial columns as the first component
  • Support for partition qualifiers in aggregation indexes that have partial columns as the first component
  • Support for the DISTINCT_IN_PARTITION option to the COLUMN statement within Union Views. This option indicates that count distinct operations on this column are better optimized because the administrator guarantees that values are distinct within each partition.
  • Support for the CACHE/NOCACHE options in the DBUNION rules in environment files. This option indicates that the grid processing should cache connections to the node so that repeated calls to CLoaconnect, CLoaopencursor, CLoaclosecursor and CLoadisconnect are not needed for each node within each query.
  • Extend limit for Alt Sorts using Aggregation Indexes from 16 components to 32 components
  • Enhance Union View processing to honor DISTINCT_IN_PARTITION clauses on SELECT DISTINCT … statements.
  • Support for Postgres RDBMS using our DataAccess ODBC driver
  • Further support for partial-length components as partition qualifiers in Aggregation Indexes.
  • Change sequence of instructions in Omnidex kernel to circumvent a Microsoft compiler optimization error
  • Enhance grid (DBUNION) processing to honor UNIQUE_TO_PARTITION clauses on SELECT DISTINCT … statements.
  • Support for compiling and running in 32-bit mode on 64-bit Windows architecture.
  • Improve performance on Record Specific processing on Windows.
  • Support multiple databases in NODE section and multiple table.column in the UNIQUE_TO_NODE clause of DBUNION rule.
  • Fix error on criteria with long quoted strings
  • Favor ASK over MDK optimization for distinct key processing.
  • Fix problem with temporary files on certain aggregations.
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