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A connection must be established to a specific Omnidex Environment before any Omnidex retrievals can be peformed.

For testing with OdxSQL the CONNECT command is used to establish a connection. A connection can be established to an Omnidex Environment, an ODBC datasource file, or a remote Omnidex environment using a connection string.

When using the Omnidex ODBC and Omnidex JDBC driver, connections are established using ODBC and JDBC calls.


CONNECT [TO] [ [host:port] ]environment_filespec[ [node_name] ]
        [ON host[:port]] 
        [AS [user]/[password]]
        [USING < ODBC | JDBC | CLOA > ] 
        [WITH options]



The Environment_filespec specifies the Omnidex XML Environment containing the Omnidex metadata. The keyword TO is optional.

connect odx.xml;

A connection string enclosed in brackets can prefix the environment_filespec to specify a host and port which will then route the calls to an Omnidex Network Services OdxNet process running on the specified remote server.

connect [server1:7555]odx.xml;

A specific node_name can be enclosed in brackets and appended to the environment_filespec to connect to a specific node. This is useful in a test situation where the performance of a specific node is being reviewed.

connect odx.xml[node1]; 

ON host:port

Specifies that the Environment Catalog is located on a remote server and the Omnidex Network Services (OdxNet) will be used for access.

AS [user]/[password]

Used to specify a username and password if required by the underlying relational database.

connect odxoracle.xml as orauser/pass;


Used to specify the either the ODBC or JDBC api to use for access. This is primarily used to test ODBC and JDBC access using OdxSQL.

connect odx.xml using ODBC;

WITH options

Options specific to the CONNECT command.

MAINTENANCE - Accesses the Omnidex Environment exclusively to facilitate changes.

connect to odx.xml with maintenance;
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