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 ===== Omnidex 5.4.02 (August 2016) ===== ===== Omnidex 5.4.02 (August 2016) =====
-==== New Subscription Licensing ==== +==== Bug Fixes ====
- +
-Omnidex now supports subscription licensing so that you can use Omnidex for a monthly or annual fee.  Omnidex is still available for purchase as before; however, many companies prefer the easy of a monthly or annual fee.  Details can be found at on the [[https://www.omnidex.com/pricing|Omnidex pricing page]]. +
- +
-==== New Starter and Small Business Editions ==== +
- +
-Omnidex now supports a Starter and Small Business edition, allowing customers to tailor their subscription to Omnidex based on their needs.  The Starter edition provides access to the fundamental Omnidex capabilities on tables up to 5 million rows.  The Small Business edition adds PowerSearch and supports tables up to 20 million rows.  The Enterprise edition continues to be the flagship product and supports all of the Omnidex capabilities on tables of any size.  Details can be found at on the [[https://www.omnidex.com/pricing|Omnidex pricing page]]. +
- +
-==== New Core-Based Licensing ==== +
- +
-Omnidex has simplified its Enterprise licensing so that it is based on the specific number of cores rather than ranges of cores.  This licensing approach correlates better with hardware strategies that are based on vCPU's. +
- +
-==== Improvements to the Omnidex Administrator ==== +
- +
-The Omnidex Administrator has been substantially enhanced to provide easier and more thorough administration of Omnidex databases.  +
 +This release primarily contains bug fixes and performance improvements. 
 =====  ===== =====  =====
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