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-====== Overview ======+====== Introduction ======
-===== What is Omnidex? =====+**[[intro:overview:what|What is Omnidex?]]** | [[intro:overview:where|Where is Omnidex Used?]] | [[intro:overview:how|How is Omnidex Implemented?]] | [[intro:overview:demos|Watch Omnidex in Action]]
-  * Omnidex is a highly-optimized search and analytic engine that delivers dramatically faster queries for business intelligence and online applications using standard SQL interfaces.+----
-  * Omnidex provides flexible search capabilities that go well beyond a standard database.  Omnidex indexes your textual data using search engine-like features, and uses fuzzy searches so that you don't worry about exact search terms or misspellings.  +===== What is Omnidex? =====
-  * Omnidex supports your relational database by adding speed and flexibility without altering  the underlying database.  Omnidex can enhance your query performance without jeopardizing your investment in the relational system+  * Omnidex is a **highly-optimized search and analytic engine** that delivers dramatically faster queries for business intelligence and online applications using standard SQL interfaces.
-  * Omnidex indexes flat file data without costly imports into a relational database.  Omnidex provides a complete SQL engine for your raw data files and transaction logsall using standard ODBC and JDBC interfaces.  +  * Omnidex provides **intelligent search** features that search your database with the flexibility of an Internet search engine, supporting synonymsmisspellings and transpositions.  
-===== Where is Omnidex used? =====+  * Omnidex **extends your relational database solution** by adding speed and flexibility without altering the underlying database.  Omnidex can enhance your query performance without jeopardizing your investment in the relational system. 
-Omnidex is used in wide variety of applications.  EssentiallyOmnidex is used when you need high performance and increased flexibility.  Some of the more common Omnidex applications include:+  * Omnidex provides **reliable NoSQL solution** by indexing raw data files and transaction logs without costly imports into a relational database, and allowing ANSI SQL queries through standard ODBC and JDBC interfaces.  
-  * [[overview:lists|Database marketing and customer lists]] +  * Omnidex provides a **easily implemented Big Data solution** by indexing enormous amounts of data while still providing high-performance searches and analytics. 
-  [[overview:analytics|Business analytics and data warehouses]] +
-  [[overview:onlinedb|Online, searchable databases]] +
-  [[overview:flatfiles|Transaction logs and raw data files]] +
-  * [[overview:largedb|Billion-record databases]] +
-  * [[overview:text|Knowledgebases and text databases]]+
 +Read on to learn where Omnidex is typically used ...
-===== How is Omnidex implemented? =====+=====  =====
-There are three basic steps to implementing Omnidex into your applications:+**[[intro:overview:where|Next]]**
-  - Tell Omnidex where to find your data. +{{page>:bottom_add&nofooter&noeditbtn}}
-  - Add Omnidex indexing to your data. +
-  - Connect to Omnidex and perform queries.+
-Omnidex applications are easy to prototype.  Omnidex will walk you through all of these steps using the Omnidex Administrator.  Once you have created your Omnidex-enhanced database, you can run queries and see the performance for yourself. 
-As with all things, it is valuable to understand Omnidex more deeply before building a production application.  Omnidex has many powerful features.  Learning about these features will help you decide where you want to enhance your application. 
-===== How long has Omnidex been around? ===== 
-Omnidex was introduced in 1981 during an era when companies were just beginning to use computers for their day-to-day operations.  During the 1980's, Omnidex provided indexing to the early database users in the Hewlett-Packard marketplace.  During the 1990's, Omnidex expanded to support databases across Windows, UNIX and the VMS operating systems.  Today, Omnidex uses standard interfaces to automatically optimize SQL queries across the major databases and operating systems.  Over nearly three decades, Omnidex has been used by over 4,000 customers in countries around the world. 
-===== What is Omnidex Express? ===== 
-Omnidex Express is the same as the full Omnidex product with a few exceptions.  Omnidex Express will only index the first 1 million rows in a table, and it does not support Omnidex Grid implementations.  Omnidex Express can be downloaded and used for free, and is is often used in small applications and in development.  Technical support for Omnidex Express is available on a per-incident basis, or by purchasing a support contract.  
-^                                          ^\\    Omnidex      ^ Omnidex\\ Express ^ 
-| Omnidex SQL Engine                       |      Yes        |      Yes        | 
-| Omnidex Indexing                         |      Yes        |      Yes        | 
-| Text Searches                            |      Yes        |      Yes        | 
-| Fuzzy Searches                           |      Yes        |      Yes        | 
-| Support for Relational Databases         |      Yes        |      Yes        | 
-| Support for Raw Data Files               |      Yes        |      Yes        | 
-| Omnidex Snapshots                        |      Yes        |      Yes        | 
-| Omnidex Grids                            |      Yes        |      No         | 
-| Maximum Rows Indexed Per Table           |   Unlimited     |   1,000,000     | 
-To download Omnidex Express, go to the [[downloads:home|Downloads]] page. 
-===== Where can I buy Omnidex? ===== 
-If you would like to purchase Omnidex, please contact our [[appendix:contactus#sales|sales staff]].  
-===== How can I find out more information? ===== 
-If you are looking for technical advice on how to develop and deploy an Omnidex application, you can read more of this documentation, or you can speak to one of our [[appendix:contactus#technical|technical staff]].   
-This documentation is divided into six chapters: 
-  - **[[overview:home|Overview]]** - A general overview of Omnidex and describes ways that it can be used to improve your business.   
-  - **[[admin:home|Administration]]** - A detailed guide explaining how to design and administrate Omnidex applications. 
-  - **[[dev:home|Development]]** - A reference manual explaining how to develop Omnidex applications, including detailed guides on Omnidex SQL and programming interfaces. 
-  - **[[programs:home|Programs]]** - A reference manual explaining how to use the programs that come with Omnidex. 
-  - **[[ app_integration:home|Integration]]** - A guide explaining how to integrate Omnidex into third-party applications such as business analytic tools and other client interfaces. 
-  - **[[appendix:home|Appendix]]** - A collection of useful information, including software installation instructions,useful procedures and checklist, contact information and a detailed documentation map. 
-====== Video Resources ====== 
-[[link1|Overview of Omnidex]] 
-[[link2|Building an Omnidex Application]] 
-[[http://docs.disc.com/dokuwiki/video/Active_Counts.swf|Active Counts]] 
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