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OdxNet Omnidex Network Services

C:\dev\odx> odxnet -?

Omnidex Network Server                              Tue Dec 01 08:57:46 2009
(C) Dynamic Information Systems Corporation                   Version 5.0.00

ODXNet - Omnidex Network Server

   odxnet runs as a socket listening process to enable client/server
   connections to Omnidex.  Valid directives are:

   odxnet [<cnfgfile>]
            [-debug=ALL | PROCESS | APPS | CONNECTIONS]
   odxnet [-shutdown]
   odxnet [<cnfgfile>]
            [-ntservice=<unique service name>]
            -ntsrvaction=<INSTALL | INSTALL_AUTO | DELETE |
                           START | STOP | PAUSE | CONTINUE>
   odxnet [-admin=[GENERAL | SONLIST | ALL]
   odxnet -help | -?
   odxnet -version
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