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What is Omnidex?

Omnidex is a high-performance database search engine that delivers dramatically faster queries for large databases and data warehouses. Omnidex starts by creating high-performance indexes on all of your searchable data. Omnidex then optimizes your SQL statements to use as many indexes as possible to insure the best query performance possible. Omnidex is especially good at optimizing databases with millions or billions of rows.

Omnidex also adds flexibility to your database. Textual indexing allows SQL queries to locate data based on the individual words or values stored in the data. PowerSearch allows SQL queries to find what you are looking for using fuzzy searches, even when you don’t have the exact criteria. These features allow you to find data that is otherwise hidden when using a traditional database engine.

Omnidex optimizes many relational databases, and also optimizes raw data and delimited files to deliver outstanding performance for your application.

Features that Enhance and Optimize Your Database

Omnidex – High Performance Database Engine

Omnidex indexes every column in your database, making queries exceptionally fast.  Omnidex specializes in optimizing large databases with millions or billions of rows, even with complex queries.

PowerSearch – Intelligent Database Search

Bring the flexibility of a web search engine to your database.  PowerSearch uses fuzzy search techniques such as text, synonyms, phonetic equivalents, misspellings, transpositions and geographic radius searches to find what you are looking for.

ActiveCounts – Fast Counts at Your Fingertips

Omnidex is especially fast at providing counts based on complex criteria.  Use ActiveCounts to let users drill down through the data, seeing real-time counts changing before their eyes at each step of the search.

SQL for Raw Data and Delimited Files

Omnidex eliminates the need to import data into your relational database.  Use Omnidex to provide a high-performance SQL engine directly on your raw data files and delimited files.

What’s New

Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Linux


  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • Generic ODBC
  • Raw Data Files
  • Delimited Files