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Welcome to the Omnidex On-Line Documentation


Server Version: 3.8

Client Version: 3.3


Welcome to Dynamic Information Systems Corporation (DISC) online documentation. The purpose of this documentation is to assist in the design, development, and maintenance of Omnidex enhanced data bases.

The Omnidex documentation was designed for presentation in an online format and accordingly does not lend itself well to printed form.

The online nature of this manual allows faster and more frequent updates and less expensive distribution. Online documentation is also much more environmentally friendly than printed manuals and as such represents the main focus of documentation from DISC.

Omnidex software allows both a low-level API approach to high-speed access and a higher level SQL oriented interface via an api specific to interacting with Omnidex enhanced databases using SQL.

Omnidex Version 4.0

This documentation is designed to be used in two distinct fashions:

  • As a step by step guide for installing, developing and administering Omnidex.
  • As a complete reference covering all aspects of the Omnidex software, Omnidex utilities, as well as several general topic discussions to assist in database and index design and application development.

Be sure to read "Software changes that may affect application functionality"



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