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Getting Started With Omnidex

This section is designed to assist with software installation, setup and development. There are nine steps involved in an Omnidex installation, all of which are discussed in this section, with links to other areas with more detailed information.


Nine Steps to a Successful Omnidex Installation

Step 1 - Software Installation & Setup


Step 2 - Account Verification


Step 3 - Index Design

This section describes the software installation and setup procedures for the Omnidex server software, client software, and Omnidex Network Services. A server setup guide for each supported platform is included in this section.


This section describes some additional steps that should be performed in order to make Omnidex fully operational. These steps should also be performed if Omnidex should cease to function properly.


To properly design an Omnidex database index installation, a thorough understanding of the Omnidex index types and options is necessary. This section describes all of the indexing options available, how they affect an application and when each should be used.

Step 4 - Environment Catalog


Step 5 - Index Installation


Step 6 - Index Maintenance

This section describes the Omnidex Environment Catalog in detail, including syntax, some special design options to add more functionality to an installation, and variations based on the underlying database.

Also in this section are descriptions of the Omnidex utilities OAHELPER, OACOMP, and OADECOMP, which can be used to automatically generate, compile, and decompile an Omnidex Environment Catalog.


DBINSTAL is the Omnidex utility that installs the Omnidex indexes on an Environment. This section describes DBINSTAL in detail as well as two additional Omnidex utilities, VIEWGEN and SNOWGEN, that can assist with the index installation.


This section describes populating the Omnidex indexes using the DBINSTAL utility, as well as various methods for maintaining them.

Step 7 - Test the Installation


Step 8 - Application Development


Step 9 - Debugging

This section describes various methods for testing an index installation and query performance. Omnidex provides several utilities specifically for this purpose, which are discussed in detail.


Omnidex provides easy to use interfaces to several different development tools and third party applications. This section describes these development options in detail and provides detailed examples.


This section describes the methods and tools available in Omnidex to debug an application.