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Omnidex Indexes

Omnidex indexes can be delineated into two major sections. Multi-Dimensional Keyword (MDK) Indexes and Aggregation/Sorted Key (ASK) Indexes.

  • MDK Indexes provide a very powerful and flexible means of accessing data. Individual data values in a column are indexed as keywords, allowing data to be qualified for retrieval based on keyword values or partial keyword values, without knowing the primary key or rowid. They also support progressive, or “drill-down”, searches.
  • Aggregation/Sorted Key (ASK) Indexes provide sorted retrieval capabilities as well as aggregation index retrieval speeds unparalleled by normal dbms aggregations. Data is retrieved in sorted order based on key values without knowing the native key or rowid. ASK indexes are used for sorted retrievals, range retrievals, high-speed aggregations, and comparison operations.

Composite indexes use part of a column or a combination or columns in an index. They can be created from both MDK and ASK indexes to give some additional flexibility when performing searches.

There are two special ASK composite indexes:

  • Index-only access composite indexes allow high speed searches and data warehousing installations.
  • Aggregate indexes quickly display sums, averages, counts, and minimum or maximum values for a group of rows.

An installation can include any or all index types. The types of indexes installed depends on the the questions most commonly asked.