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The tutorials in this section give step-by-step instructions for very specific scenarios involving Omnidex. Most lessons demonstrate a particular feature that can be added to an existing Omnidex installation, while a few cover some basic Omnidex setup steps.

The tutorials are divided into general categories, with specific lessons listed and described below.

It is important to remember that the examples in these tutorials may not necessarily be appropriate for every installation, application or database. The idea is to show how these specific features work and to give some general information on how to set them up. Your DISC sales representative and DISC technical support can work with you on determining what is appropriate for your installation.



Add a New Custom Synonym List - This tutorial shows you how to create a custom synonym list and add it to the oaglobal environment to make it accessible to an Omnidex application.

Modify an Existing Synonym List - This tutorial shows how to make changes to an existing synonym list and make them available to an Omnidex application.

Make an Application Always Perform a Synonym Search - This tutorial shows how to force all queries with criteria against a particular column, to perform a synonym search against a predefined synonym list, without having to use a $contains criteria predicate or the synonyms function.



Setup & Install ODXAIM - This tutorial demonstrates the setup and installation steps for ODXAIM on SQL Server against the Orders database. Although the database is SQL Server and the operating system is Windows, the same steps apply to all other supported databases (except flat files) and operating systems.

Setup & Install ODXAIM as a Windows Service - This tutorial demonstrates how to setup and install ODXAIM as a Windows service.