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Index Maintenance

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Omnidex Concepts

Index Maintenance

Maintaining Omnidex indexes is done in several ways and varies depending on the application.

It is important to remember that creating Omnidex indexes is a two step process: installing and building. Each step is a completely separate process that must be completed in order to gain the benefits provided with Omnidex. Both steps do not necessarily have to be done together. However, the indexes must be installed prior to building them.

After the indexes have been installed and built, they must be maintained, updated as the underlying data is updated. Omnidex provides three options for this type of maintenance, all of which are discussed in Updating the Indexes.


Changing an Index Installation

When adding, deleting or changing an index or its options, the indexes must be reinstalled and rebuilt. In this situation, an installation batch file is invaluable.

Edit the installation batch file from the original installation to reflect the current changes then run the new batch installation. This saves time and reduces the possibility of error.

Remember to reindex all domains and ASK indexes after the installation is changed.