When data is your business, Omnidex brings it to life.

Make your database search faster and perform better.

Omnidex, the Database Performance Engine

Omnidex is a high-performance database search engine that delivers dramatically faster queries for large databases and data warehouses.  Omnidex combines the power of indexing, the ease of SQL and the flexibility of textual searches to make databases fast and powerful.  Omnidex indexes both relational databases and raw data files to deliver outstanding performance, especially with millions or billions of rows.

Omnidex Improves Database Performance

Indexing & Query Optimization

Omnidex specializes in improving database performance.  We make queries fast … really fast.  Omnidex uses specialized indexing and in-memory searches to deliver query results in milliseconds.   Millions or billions of rows?  Great.  We love large databases.

Search Flexibility

Omnidex is a search engine for your database.  Omnidex indexes all of your data, making complex queries fast.  Omnidex understands the text in your database, plus it performs fuzzy searches using synonyms, misspellings, transpositions, word forms and geographic proximity to find what you are looking for.

Simple NoSQL

Omnidex indexes your raw data files and delimited files without importing them into a relational database.  Your raw data files become a high-performance database, with better performance and lower cost than a traditional relational database.

Omnidex is already used by top companies.

Leading international, financial, retail and government organizations worldwide trust Omnidex with their business-critical applications and business analytic solutions.

Find an Omnidex solution for your industry.

Database Marketing

Omnidex is perfect for database marketing and customer lists.  Complex queries are easy with Omnidex indexing, and ActiveCounts allows users to interactively drill down through the data, seeing real-time counts along the way.

Risk Management

Companies use Omnidex to analyze their data for risk management.  PowerSearch allows users to locate people that are hard to find using textual search, nicknames and aliases, misspellings, and geographic radius search.

Business Analytics

Omnidex makes it possible to perform business analytics on large databases. Specialized indexing allows you to aggregate all of your data, organized any way that you want.