SQL for Raw Data and Delimited Files

Stop importing data into your relational database. Just turn your raw data and delimited files into a high-performance database! Omnidex adds powerful indexing and a complete SQL engine to your raw data files, giving you immediate access to your data.

Companies often get data from other sources. This data usually arrives as raw data files or delimited files. Companies must then wait while large amounts of data are inserted into a relational database. This means costly delays and excessive load on database systems. With Omnidex, it just isn’t necessary.

No importing into your database is necessary!

Omnidex does not require any importing. Just tell Omnidex where to find the raw data and you can immediately access it using SQL. Add Omnidex indexing and turn your raw data and delimited files into a high-performance database. Believe it or not, raw data files usually perform faster than relational databases.

Most new customers start by adding Omnidex to their relational database. Once they realize how easily Omnidex works on raw data files, many decide to forgo some of their relational database licenses and just use raw data files instead.

Supported Files

  • Fixed length character files
  • Fixed length binary files
  • Tab-delimited files (.TXT)
  • Comma-separated files (.CSV)
  • Delimited files with custom column and record delimiters
  • Support for quotation, header rows and escape characters
  • Support for wildcard filesets

Omnidex is the fast, flexible and affordable solution that will make your database search faster and perform better.

Omnidex Snapshots – A portable, high-performance database

Omnidex Snapshots are highly-indexed copies of your database that are easily moved and replicated. An Omnidex Snapshot and its indexes are stored in simple files. Copying or replicating a Snapshot is as easy as moving a directory of files, yet an Omnidex Snapshot is a fully functional database with a SQL engine and a standard ODBC or JDBC interface. Omnidex Snapshots allow architects to distribute databases wherever they want without being tethered to the original database. Snapshots also allow extensive indexing and a heavy query load without burdening the original database.

Most Omnidex Snapshots are complete copies of the database; however, Snapshots can also be created on a subset of tables or a subset of rows. Snapshots can be generated using complex SQL statements similar to relational views. This allows Snapshots to be an affordable, portable way to tailor data for specific needs without impacting the data server.