PowerSearch – The Intelligent Database Search

A revolutionary and intelligent way to search databases

PowerSearch can find what you are looking for without having the exact criteria. Internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing have been doing this with web pages for years. You type in what you know, and even if it is not exactly correct, you generally find what you are looking for. PowerSearch provides this same “fuzzy search” capability for your database.

PowerSearch begins by providing a high-performance database text search to an column in your database. Textual indexing will parse your data and allow you to search for any of the words or values.

PowerSearch then goes beyond database text search. PowerSearch also performs checks for misspellings, transpositions, phonetic equivalents, synonyms, abbreviations, acronyms, and geographic radius searches on any column in your database to look for data that is similar to your criteria.

Examples of Fuzzy Search


PowerSearch Techniques

Abbreviations and Acronyms
Phonetic Search
Verb Conjugations
Plural Forms
Geographic Proximity

Extremely customizable text and fuzzy search features

With PowerSearch, each column has a context, and each context demands a different fuzzy search flexibility. For example:

      • First Names need to allow synonyms for given names, equating Bill to William, Beth to Elizabeth, and so forth.
      • Last Names need to allow a phonetic or ‘sounds-like’ search.
      • Addresses need to allow misspellings and postal abbreviations.
      • A Zip Code column needs to allow a geographic radius search for all zip codes within a certain distance.
      • A Phone Number column needs to allow transpositions, and would allow alternative area codes.
      • An Email Address column needs to allow alternative spellings, or alternate domain names.

See PowerSearch in action!

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Customize PowerSearch for your application

PowerSearch is easily customized.  PowerSearch is pre-configured for many common search situations, but each application is unique.  You can customize PowerSearch to meet the specific needs of your application, including creating custom synonym lists, tuning the sensitivity of misspelling and transposition searches, and controlling the radius for geographic radius searches.  PowerSearch gives you control over where and how much fuzzy search flexibility to add to your search.

PowerSearch Examples

  • First Names
  • Last Names
  • Street Directions
  • Street Types
  • Street Numbers
  • Street Names
  • Street Ordinals
  • Unit Types

  • Cities
  • States
  • Zip Codes
  • Countries
  • Canadian Provinces
  • Salutations
  • Military Ranks
  • General Acronyms

  • Organizations
  • Airport Codes
  • Government Abbreviations
  • Email, Text and Chat
  • Days and Months
  • Measurements
  • General Thesaurus
  • Create your own PowerSearch!