Billions of transactions happen every day.

Is your database fast enough to sift through and analyze them?

Business Analytics and Data Warehousing

You have invested in a powerful business analytics platform, such as Oracle Business Intelligence or SAP Business Objects, but now you need the underlying database to perform.  If you have big data, a traditional database just isn’t fast enough to deliver the results.

Omnidex provides business insights at the speed of thought.

Omnidex provides the performance so that your business analytics platform can shine. Well-designed data warehousing, coupled with the right database technology, will give you the answers when you need them. Omnidex uses specialized indexing and in-memory operations to optimize counts, aggregations, rollups and summarizations, and yet you can still drill down through the data. Omnidex also optimizes those queries with complex criteria and challenging table joins.

Omnidex’s database engine specializes in optimizing queries for business analytics.

  • Fast counts and aggregations
  • Aggregations across tables
  • Automatic rollup tables
  • Distributed databases

Companies Using Omnidex for Business Analytics & Data Warehousing