It’s a big world out there.

Omnidex is the fast, flexible and affordable engine you need to find your audience.

Database Marketing and Customer Lists

Businesses need to know their customers. That includes collecting and studying data about them…lots of data. The best companies analyze that big data, determine their customers’ purchasing habits, and promote to them directly.

Make your customer data come alive.

Omnidex indexes every bit of data that you have. All of the metrics. All of the demographics. All of the history. Every search is an indexed search. This lets you analyze and drill down through your data so that you can find the audience that you want.

Omnidex is ideal for large databases used for:

      • Database marketing
      • Customer lists
      • Direct marketing
      • Direct mail
      • CRM (customer relationship management)

Omnidex’s database search engine adds high-performance indexing to your large databases and lets you search them in seconds:

  • Index every bit of data that you have
  • Find exactly who you are looking for
  • Make your website perform
  • Reduce your operating costs
  • Billion record databases? No problem.

Companies Using Omnidex for Database Marketing and Customer Lists