Big data comes with big challenges.

Solve your search and performance issues affordably with Omnidex.

Database Performance Solutions for Big Data

Omnidex is used across a wide variety of industries.  Most companies are dealing with an enormous and ever-increasing amount of data.  Some companies simply need the fastest queries possible.  Some companies need a flexible and intelligent search engine for their database.  In this era of Big Data, these requirements span all industries.

Database Marketers & Information Resellers
Omnidex is perfect for database marketing and customer lists.  Complex queries on big data databases are easy with Omnidex indexing, and ActiveCounts allows users to interactively drill down through the data, seeing real-time counts along the way.
Risk Management & Background Search
Companies use Omnidex to analyze their data for risk management.  PowerSearch allows users to locate people that are hard to find using textual search, nicknames and aliases, misspellings, and geographic radius search.
Business Analytics & Data Warehousing
Omnidex makes it possible to perform business analytics on large databases.  Specialized indexing allows you to aggregate all of your data, organized any way that you want.