Omnidex – The High-Performance Database Engine

Advanced database indexing and in-memory optimization make your queries exceptionally fast.

Omnidex indexes every column in your database.  This means that query results are instantaneous, even with complex criteria.  Omnidex optimizes your queries to use as many indexes as possible, and many queries return the results directly from the indexes without any access to the underlying data. Omnidex also converts many data-intensive operations into in-memory operations, taking advantage of fast processors and memory to deliver performance not found in relational databases.

Omnidex is the fast, flexible and affordable solution that will make your database search faster and perform better.

Your data stays where it is. Just add indexing.

Omnidex is treated as a database layer; however, your data can stay where it is. Omnidex maintains a background connection to your database and accesses it when needed. Once the database is indexed, just switch your application’s ODBC or JDBC connections to Omnidex and your SQL statements will be automatically optimized.

Easily supports millions or billions of rows.

Database indexes are initially created in a single pass with rates up to 10 billion index values per hour.  That rate is for a single indexing process on a single CPU core.  This means a database table with 300 million rows and 200 indexed columns can be fully indexed in about an hour, all on a single 16-core server.

Scalable Architecture

On databases with more than 1 billion rows, Omnidex can distribute your data horizontally across multiple servers. This allows for great scalability and provides convenient mechanisms for quickly adding large amounts of new data to a database.  Omnidex partitioning still fully supports standard SQL queries, including complex criteria, distributed table joins, aggregations and ordering.

Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Linux


  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • Generic ODBC
  • Raw Data Files
  • Delimited Files