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Environment Info

Screen ShotThis section defines environment information including the name and location of the Omnidex Environment Catalog that this data source will connect to, the access mode (read or write) that every user connected will have to the data, and connect options that will be passed to Omnidex with every connection.

All of the information defined in this section is applied to all connections through this data source.


Environment File Specification

This is the fully qualified path and file name of the Omnidex Environment Catalog that this data source will connect to.

For example, if connecting to the Orders sample flat file data base included with the Omnidex server software on a Windows machine, where the default file locations were used in the installation, the entry would be:


It is important to note that although you are creating this data source on a client machine, the file specification entered here is for the environment catalog located on a server. In single tier environment, both the client and server may be the same machine, however.


Access Mode

The access mode determines if connected users will be allowed to perform data updates. If set to Read, users will only be allowed to retrieve data. If set to Write, users will be allowed to update existing data and insert new data.

It is important to note that this setting will apply to all users connected through this data source.


Connect Options

Connect options are options that will be applied to every connection through this data source.

See CONNECT in the SQL Reference or OACONNECT in the OA API Reference for a list of valid connect options.