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Server Info

Screen ShotThe data source must contain specific information about the server to informing Omnidex Client as to which server the database is hosted on.

This information includes the host name or IP address, OdxNet listener port number, and optionally, a brief description of the host.


Host Name or IP Address

The database and Omnidex Environment Catalog are located on the server or host machine. The Omnidex Network Server listener must also be running on the server or host machine. The name or IP address of this server/host machine must be entered into the data source so Omnidex Client can find the OdxNet listener.

In some cases, it may be necessary to use the host's IP address, as opposed to the host name. This is a network configuration issue that may or may not occur. See your network administrator for information on which to use.


Listener Port Number

The listener port number is the OdxNet port number that all connections through this data source will pass through.

You can click the Check Server button to verify that a compatible OdxNet listener is running on the host machine.


Host / Server Description

The host / server description is optional but can be up to 30 characters in length and should briefly describe the host environment.