Omnidex for Image/SQL

Omnidex has been offered on the HP-3000 since 1981, when it was first available to provide multiple indexes in IMAGE databases.  During the 1980’s, Omnidex added textual searches, wildcard searches, composite indexes and multi-table indexes.  During the 1990’s, Hewlett-Packard developed a direct interface within TurboIMAGE/XL to Omnidex and other third-party indexing products.  During the 2000’s, Omnidex added an optimizing SQL interface.  And during the years since HP’s end-of-life announcement, we have continued to support our customers, whether they are homesteading on the HP-3000 or migrating to another platform.

Today, Omnidex remains an essential part of Image/SQL applications all over the world.  We continue to support Omnidex on the HP-3000, and we will continue to support it into the foreseeable future.

Key Features

Omnidex for Image/SQL has many capabilities developed over the years on the HP-3000.  Here are some of the key features:

  • Unlimited advanced indexes in all datasets
  • Automatic index updates
  • Full textual search
  • Wildcards and partial keys
  • Boolean operators and parentheses
  • Optimization for multiple columns and tables
  • DBFIND/DBGET support using Image/SQL’s TPI interface
  • SQL SELECT support with automatic optimization
  • Integration with many third party tools

Migrating your Image/SQL Application?

Omnidex enhances relational databases and raw data files with the same textual search, wildcard search and high-speed indexing that companies have used within Image/SQL.  Omnidex also provides a complete SQL engine with ODBC and JDBC support, enabling you to access your Image/SQL data with a wide selection of third-party tools.

Need help from an experienced Omnidex Consultant to guide you through the migration?

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Homesteading your HP-3000?

Many companies are homesteading their Image/SQL applications on the HP-3000.  Hewlett-Packard has announced the end-of-life for the HP-3000, but there is still a thriving and experienced user community and plenty of life left in the current hardware.

We continue to support Omnidex on Image/SQL and will help you get the longest life from your HP-3000 applications.

A special offer for our Image/SQL customers ...

Extend your investment in Omnidex! Existing customers can receive one free Enterprise license on Microsoft Windows or Linux to access their relational databases or raw data files.

Value Added Resellers

Omnidex has been used by many Value Added Resellers (VAR’s) over the years, and many of these are still active in the HP-3000 community, such as Softvoyage, Fresche Legacy (Speedware), and Ecometry.  We welcome our VAR users and have affordable purchase and support solutions to keep the Omnidex portion of your application working into the future.


Marxmeier Software, Inc. has developed a popular database tool called Eloquence that is quite similar to Image/SQL.  Many customers have migrated their Image/SQL applications to Eloquence, and Omnidex is supported on Eloquence as well.


Stromasys has developed a popular HP-3000 MPE/IX emulator called Charon-HPA that allows customers to migrate their legacy applications to the Microsoft Windows and Linux environment.  Omnidex works well under this emulator, and we recommend it for users who wish to begin migrating their applications.