Special Offer to our HP-3000 and HP-UX Customers

One free license for Omnidex on a Microsoft Windows or Linux server!

While you have been using Omnidex for Image/SQL or Eloquence, we have been enhancing Omnidex for the Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms. Omnidex offers the same powerful indexing and search technology you have been using on other databases:

        • Support for Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL relational databases
        • Support for Image/SQL and Eloquence snapshots on Windows and Linux
        • Support for Raw Data Files and Delimited Files
        • Standard SQL Engine with automatic query optimization
        • ODBC and JDBC drivers for easy integration
        • Support for tables with up to a billion rows of data
        • Textual and keyword searches
        • “Fuzzy” searches using synonym lists, misspelling and transposition searches

We invite you to start using Omnidex on your Windows and Linux machines. If you are a customer with an existing support contract, we will offer you one gratis Class 1 license for Omnidex on Microsoft Windows or Linux. There is no cost to you as long as you are maintaining a support contract. If you decide to migrate away from the HP-3000 or HP-UX platform, you can continue using the gratis license as long as you establish a support contract on the new platform.

Get Your Free License


We would be happy to discuss ways that Omnidex can integrate into your application environment. The search speed and flexibility that HP-3000 and HP-UX customers have always experienced with Omnidex has further evolved to benefit all users of SQL-based applications on Microsoft Windows and Linux.   Omnidex is faster and easier to implement than ever, with query speeds that need to be seen to be believed.

As always, if there is anything we can do to help you with your database needs, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.