Our Longest-Standing Customers

Omnidex has been in the database performance business for over thirty years. Many of our longest-standing customers have been using Omnidex for decades on older operating systems, such as MPE/iX on the HP-3000, and OpenVMS on DEC servers.  We continue to support Omnidex on these platforms.  Whether our customers are looking to homestead a legacy application or migrate to a new platform, we are here to extend your investment in Omnidex.

Omnidex for Image/SQL

Omnidex has been offered on the HP-3000 running MPE/iX since 1981, when it was first released to provide multiple indexes in IMAGE databases.  Today, Omnidex remains an essential part of Image/SQL applications all over the world.  We continue to support Omnidex on the HP-3000.

Omnidex for RMS Files

In 1991, the Omnidex product line was ported to DEC/VAX servers running the OpenVMS operating system, providing high-performance indexing and textual search capabilities to RMS applications.  Today, Omnidex continues to support Omnidex for OpenVMS RMS applications.

A special offer for our Image/SQL customers ...

Extend your investment in Omnidex! Existing customers can receive one free Enterprise license on Microsoft Windows or Linux to access their relational databases or raw data files.

Omnidex in the Early Days

The Omnidex product line began on Hewlett-Packard’s HP-3000 line of mini-computers in 1981.  At that time, the HP-3000 was a 16-bit minicomputer, running the MPE operating system, which included HP’s IMAGE database.   IMAGE was a 2-level network model that provided high operational efficiency and performance, especially given the very limited hardware capabilities of that era.   Despite CPU speeds and memory sizes that would be considered intolerable by today’s standards, many HP-3000 deployments supported 50 or more concurrent users, performing on-line transaction processing in applications such as point of sale, a testimony to the lean efficiency of the OS, DBMS, and application software of that era.

Today, Omnidex remains an essential part of IMAGE/SQL applications all over the world.  We continue to support Omnidex on the HP-3000, and we will continue to support it into the foreseeable future.