Omnidex for OpenVMS RMS

In 1991, the Omnidex product line was ported to the VAX OpenVMS operating system, providing high-performance indexing and textual search capabilities to OpenVMS RMS applications.

RMS, which stands for Record Management Services, provides access to several file types on the OpenVMS operating system, including:

  • Indexed Files
  • Relative Files
  • Sequential Files

These services are the basis of many OpenVMS applications, but these services do not provide textual search capabilities.  Moreover, only one index can be used per search.  Omnidex expanded these capabilities and provides a powerful adjunct to the RMS filesystem.

Omnidex was also ported to Rdb/VMS, which was DEC’s relational database offering at the time.  Rdb/VMS was sold in 1994 to Oracle, and Oracle has since announced the end of support for Oracle Rdb.

Today, Omnidex continues to support Omnidex for OpenVMS RMS applications and we will continue to support it into the foreseeable future.

Key Features

Omnidex for RMS files has many capabilities developed over the years on OpenVMS.  Here are some of the key features:

  • Unlimited advanced indexes
  • Full textual search engine
  • Wildcards and partial keys
  • Boolean operators and parentheses
  • Optimization for multiple columns and tables
  • SQL SELECT support with automatic optimization

Migrating from OpenVMS?

Are you migrating from OpenVMS to Linux?  Sector7 has developed an OpenVMS emulator that allows customers to migrate their legacy applications to Linux.  Omnidex applications are fully supported on this application, and they can access the MySQL and Oracle databases, as well as the VX/RMS filesystem.  Omnidex recommends this such as MySQL and Oracle, and can also access the VX/RMS