Introduction to Omnidex Fundamentals

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The Omnidex indexing technology is built upon four building blocks that provide the foundation of the product. It is valuable to understand these building blocks before learning how to index your data and tune your application.

Omnidex Environments

An Omnidex Environment is a term that describes all the aspects an Omnidex database. This includes:

  • The Omnidex Environment File, an XML file containing selective metadata about the database and the Omnidex indexing.
  • The database, consisting of a relational database, a series of raw datafiles, a series of delimited files, or all three.
  • The Omnidex indexes and support files for the database.

Typically, an Omnidex Environment is a directory with subdirectories that contain all of these elements. This is often the most convenient approach since whole directories are easy to move and back up. In many cases, however, the database and indexes are large enough that they must span multiple disk drives or even machines. In that case, the Omnidex Environment refers to the entire collection, even though it is disbursed.

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