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Omnidex licensing is required to use the full scope of features in the product. Omnidex is licensed to a particular computer by registering a license code. Licenses codes are unique to a particular computer, with a particular hardware configuration, for a particular customer.

Upgrading Licenses

When a computer is upgraded, it may be necessary to upgrade the Omnidex license as well. Omnidex is licensed based on the number of CPU processors and cores. An increase in the number of processors and cores may result in a upgrade fee. Please contact Sales if you need to upgrade a computer licensed with Omnidex.

Transferring Licenses

Omnidex licenses can be transferred to a new computer for a license transfer fee. Please contact Technical Support if you need to do transfer a license.

Virtual Servers

Some customers install Omnidex on virtual servers. Omnidex is not recommended for virtual servers as performance can be 25-50% slower on a virtual server. Additionally, virtual server providers warn that the unique System ID can change on a virtual server. This will invalidate the Omnidex license for the server, resulting in a license transfer fee.

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