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Omnidex Standalone Tables


Omnidex Standalone Tables are a propritary storage format that combines metadata, data, and native indexes into portable files. The most common use of Omnidex Standalone Tables is to allow data to be easily transported and dynamically attached as temporary tables to any environment; however, Omnidex Standalone Tables can also be used as the storage format for permanent tables.

Omnidex Standalone Tables provide both data compression and performance. Data is compressed, but individual rows can still be quickly retrieved. Space is not wasted when processing large text fields, and binary data is stored natively to speed access. In many ways, Omnidex Standalone Tables provide the best solution for raw data files. At the same time, fixed-length files and delimited files are more commonly used, simply because they are found more frequently in the industry.

Omnidex Standalone Tables also support native indexes. These native indexes are not Omnidex indexes, but rather are hashed indexes that are suitable for columns like primary and foreign keys. Whether these native indexes exist or not, Omnidex will optimize queries to provide the best performance possible.

Omnidex Standalone Tables can be easily transported between machines, including transporting between Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems, as well as between 32-bit and 64-bit hardware.

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