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Omnidex easily integrates into a wide variety of system architectures. In many ways, Omnidex is like a database on a data server. Omnidex provides flexibility and performance through a standard SQL engine that accesses a variety of data sources. Applications connect using standard ODBC and JDBC interfaces, allowing Omnidex to plug into system architectures with little effort.

Many businesses have a substantial investment in a relational database. For those businesses, Omnidex works alongside the relational database, preserving the corporate investment in the relational technology. Applications can direct specific queries to Omnidex while leaving other operations in the hands of the relational database. Architects choose the level of involvement of Omnidex in the application.

Omnidex also provides new opportunities for the system architecture. Omnidex provides a SQL engine that directly indexes and retrieves from raw data files. Most businesses have important data in raw data files, either waiting to be imported into a relational database, or remaining unavailable on the server. Omnidex provides immediate access to this data without costly importing, using a standard SQL engine and standard ODBC and JDBC interfaces. Transaction logs, vendor-supplied data files and exported data all become accessible to the application.

Omnidex Snapshots also add versatility to the system architecture. An Omnidex Snapshot is a highly-indexed copy of the database that can be easily moved and replicated. An Omnidex Snapshot and its indexes are stored in simple files. Copying or replicating a Snapshot is as easy as moving a directory of files, yet an Omnidex Snapshot is a fully functional database with a SQL engine and a standard ODBC or JDBC interface. Omnidex Snapshots allow architects to distribute databases wherever they want without being tethered to the original database. Snapshots also allow extensive indexing and a heavy query load without burdening the original database.

Whichever approach is taken, Omnidex can improve the performance and flexibility of database applications while preserving the stability of the system architecture.

Take a tour through some examples of Omnidex architectures, starting with a Single Server system.

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