Omnidex SQL Reference

Omnidex SQL Statements (alphabetical order)

Statement Description
ATTACH Attach an Omnidex Standalone Table (OST) to a connected Omnidex Environment for queries and manipulation.
CLOSE CURSOR Close a previously opened cursor.
COMMAND Execute an Operating System command.
CONNECT Connect to an Omnidex Environment.
CREATE DATABASE Create a Database within an Omnidex Environment.
CREATE ENVIRONMENT Create an Omnidex Environment.
CREATE INDEX Create an Index.
CREATE INDEX GROUP Create an Omnidex Index Group.
CREATE TABLE Create a table within an Omnidex Environment or create a temp table in the underlying RDBMS.
DELETE Delete a row or rows of data.
DETACH Detach an Omnidex Standalone Table (OST) from a connected Omnidex Environment.
DISCONNECT Disconnect from a connected Omnidex Environment.
DROP DATABASE Drop a Database from within an Omnidex Environment.
DROP ENVIRONMENT Drop an Omnidex XML Environment and purge the underlying operating system file.
DROP INDEX Drop an Omnidex Index.
DROP INDEX GROUP Drop an Omnidex Index Group.
DROP TABLE Drop a table created with a CREATE TABLE or SELECT INTO statement.
EXPORT Export rows or rowids to an external file.
INSERT Insert a row of data.
INSTALL INDEXES Specify the Omnidex indexes but do not synchronize the indexes to the underlying data.
JOIN Manually join two tables for a joined query
LOAD OFX Load an OFX file.
OPEN CURSOR Open a cursor.
PARTITION Partition Data based on criteria.
QUALIFY Qualify rows in a query. Typically superseded by SELECT
REMOVE INDEXES Remove the Omnidex Indexes from the the Omnidex Envrionment.
SELECT Select rows , aggregate rows, using Omnidex enhanced criteria.
SET Set Omnidex SQL processing options.
UPDATE Update rows in a table.
UPDATE INDEXES Update all Omnidex Indexes.
UPDATE ROLLUP TABLE Update Rollup Tables with new calculations.
UPDATE ROLLUPS Update all Rollup Tables with new calculations.
UPDATE STATISTICS Update the Omnidex Statistics information.
UPDATE TEXT Update Omnidex Text information.
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