Administration Basics

What is Omnidex Administration?

Omnidex administration is similar to database administration. Omnidex administration includes learning about Omnidex, designing Omnidex applications and helping them succeed in production.

For simple applications, Omnidex Administration can be quite straightforward and consists of the following steps:

  • Designing an Omnidex indexing strategy
  • Pointing Omnidex to your data
  • Creating Omnidex indexes
  • Optimizing Omnidex queries

For complex applications, Omnidex Administration can consist of several other steps:

  • Placing Omnidex within a system architecture
  • Understanding the role of Omnidex throughout the application lifestyle
  • Considering the role of Omnidex Snapshots to add versatility to your application
  • Using Omnidex to index and query raw data files
  • Developing Omnidex Grids for large databases
  • Developing efficient update strategies

Who should be the Omnidex Administrator?

In most organizations, one or more people are designated as Omnidex Administrators. This is a crucial role in an organization since the Omnidex Administrator is the key to delivering high-performing Omnidex applications. The Omnidex Administrator is similar to a Database Administrator, and fulfills the duties described above.

Omnidex Administrators are also the key contact with our Technical Support group and are paired up with an engineer from that team. This close relationship allows you to get the best support by having one of our engineers get to know your application more thoroughly.

To be successful in their role, we recommend that the Omnidex Administrator attend a training class on the design, deployment and maintenance of Omnidex applications. For more information about Omnidex training, please contact Sales.

What's Next?

Before diving into Omnidex Administration, take a quick tour of an Omnidex Application. Watch a video showing how to build your first Omnidex application. Then go through a Quick Start Guide and build a sample application.

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