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Omnidex has many features beyond its indexing technology and its SQL Engine. Many Omnidex features are designed to make it easy to deploy powerful and flexible applications, whether they are being deployed on a relational database or in a NoSQL environment.

Many Omnidex applications are created as data warehouses or data mines. These can be quickly and easily created using Omnidex Snapshots, which are snapshots in time of an underlying database. Omnidex Snapshots can be easily deployed on separate servers, and can also be easily replicated for scalability.

Further scalability can be achieved using Omnidex Grids. Omnidex Grid allow data to be partitioned for higher performance and easier management. When needed, Omnidex Grids can be spread across multiple servers to achieve a high level of parallelism.

Many Omnidex application have special needs. Applications that do extensive aggregations may benefit from Rollup Tables, which can pre-aggregate tables for higher performance. Omnidex provides an indexed, geographic search that allows applications do perform easy radius searches. Omnidex also allows columns to be declared that are the result of an expression, and allows these expression-based columns to be indexed for high-performance queries.

Omnidex also provides methods of dynamically incorporating data into an environment. Tables and databases can be attached to the current environment, allowing queries to span data from multiple applications and multiple database types. Data can be easily exported into a variety of formats. Files containing criteria values can be imported into Omnidex Segments and easily referenced in queries. Multi-step queries can also use Omnidex Segments to capture the results of one query and use it as criteria in a future query.

All of these features are designed to enhance performance of applications, and to make it easy to deploy applications quickly. Each feature coordinates with the Omnidex Indexes to achieve the best performance possible.

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