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Omnidex SQL Engine

The Omnidex product is built around a powerful SQL engine that can process statements and take advantage of the Omnidex indexing technology. This SQL engine can process traditional SQL statements, such as SELECT, INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE, and can also process a wide variety of statements to maintain the database and directly access the Omnidex indexes. The Omnidex SQL Engine is based around Omnidex SQL, a language that is based on ANSI-standard SQL and includes a number of Omnidex-specific extensions.

The Omnidex SQL Engine automatically optimizes statements so that they use the Omnidex indexes as fully as possible. As is true with most relational databases, developers do not need to refer to the indexing strategy in their statements. They simply submit standard SQL statements that reference the tables and columns in the database. This makes it easy to write new applications, and it also means existing applications that call ANSI-standard SQL will quickly receive the benefit of optimization.

The major relational databases, such as Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL, support their own proprietary extensions to the SQL language that only work in their respective databases. Omnidex supports a limited number of these proprietary extensions, such as support for some Oracle functions. Generally, though, applications that use these extensions must be changed to submit ANSI-standard SQL or Omnidex extensions to be processed by Omnidex. Similarly, applications that take advantage of Omnidex extensions will only work against the Omnidex SQL Engine.

The Omnidex SQL Engine is available through standard ODBC and JDBC interfaces. It can also be accessed interactively in the Omnidex Administrator and in the console program, OdxSQL.

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