Omnidex SQL Functions Quick Reference

Omnidex SQL Function Descriptions

Function Parameters Description
String Functions
CHAR[ACTER]_LENGTH (char_expr) Return the number of characters in a string.
LOWER (char_expr)Convert all characters in a string to lower case.
POSITION (search_expr IN target_expr) Return the position of a string within another string.
SUBSTRING (char_expr FROM pos FOR len)Return a part of a string starting at FROM position FOR length.
TRIM (['char' FROM] column) Remove leading and trailing spaces or characters from a string.
UPPER (column) Convert all characters in a string to upper case.
|| (Concatenation) char_expr || char_expr Concatenate multiple strings into a single string.
$LJ (char_expr) Left justify a string eliminating leading white space.
$LPAD (char_expr, len [, pad_char ]) Add leading 'pad' characters to a string.
$PROPER (char_expr) Upshift the first letter and downshift the rest of each word in a string.
$RJ (char_expr) Right justify a string eliminating trailing white space.
$RPAD (char_expr, len [, pad_char ]) Add trailing 'pad' characters to a string.
Math Functions
ABS (num_expr) Returns the absolute value of a numeric expression.
MOD (int_expr, divisor) Returns the integral remainder of one integer expression divided by another.
ROUND (num_expr [, digits]) Round a numerical value to the specified number of decimal places.
TRUNC (num_expr [, digits]) Truncate a numeric expression to the right of the decimal point.
$RANDOM (num_expr [, seed]) Return a pseudo-random number.
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