Omnidex SQL Function: NEW_TIME


Returns the date and time adjusted to time_zone2. The function is helpful when trying to show a time stored in the database as a standard time such as Greenish Mean Time (GMT) as a local time.

The return datatype is ORACLE DATETIME.

The NEW_TIME function uses the OMNIDEX $CONVERT function so $CONVERT will show up in the default OdxSQL headings.

  > select new_time(sysdate, 'gmt', 'mst') from $omnidex;

This function is only available when the CREATE ENVIRONMENT statement contains the SQL_SYNTAX ORACLE clause or the SET SQL_SYNTAX ORACLE setting is set programmatically.


NEW_TIME(datetime, from_timezone, to_timezone)



datetime is a Oracle datetime column or string.

from_timezone and to_timezone

from_timezone and to_timezone are string literals representing an Oracle timezone.

The argument for from_timezone and to_timezone can be any of these text strings:

AST, ADT Atlantic Standard or Daylight Time
BST, BDT Bering Standard or Daylight Time
CST, CDT Central Standard or Daylight Time
EST, EDT Eastern Standard or Daylight Time
GMT Greenwich Mean Time
HST, HDT Alaska-Hawaii Standard Time or Daylight Time
MST, MDT Mountain Standard or Daylight Time
NST Newfoundland Standard Time
PST, PDT Pacific Standard or Daylight Time
YST, YDT Yukon Standard or Daylight Time


> select $convert(new_time(sysdate, 'mst', 'gmt'),'odbc datetime') from $omnidex;

2010-07-06 23:00:03.00
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