This section discusses the features of Omnidex, the approaches to designing, developing and deploying applications, and the techniques for achieving the best performance. This is appropriate reading for both Omnidex Administrators and Omnidex Developers. Administrators should become well-versed in nearly all topics discussed here. Developers should become familiar with the early sections, but can skip the later sections.

Choose from the following topics:

Administration Basics
Omnidex Architecture How Omnidex fits into a server, data and application architecture.
Building Applications How to design, develop and deploy Omnidex applications.

Omnidex Fundamentals
Omnidex Environments How to manage Omnidex Environments, the heart of the Omnidex-enhanced database.
Omnidex SQL Engine How to use the SQL interface to Omnidex-enhanced databases.
Omnidex Updates How to update an Omnidex database.
Omnidex Network Services How to use and configure Omnidex Network Services.

Omnidex Indexing
Indexing Concepts An introduction to the concepts of indexing database.
Indexing Options A guide to Omnidex index types, options and groups.
Index Creation An introduction to how Omnidex indexes are created and maintained.
Indexing Strategies Basic strategies for indexing an Omnidex database.
ActiveCounts How to add interactive counts into an application.
PowerSearch How to search based on synonyms, misspellings and other features.
AutoComplete How to provide auto-complete features into an application.
Omnidex Text How to index large blocks of textual data in a database.

Omnidex Features
Omnidex Snapshots How to create Omnidex Snapshots, a portable copy of your data.
Omnidex Grids How to create Omnidex Grids to improve scalability and performance.
Rollup Tables How to use Rollup Tables to pre-aggregate data for faster performance.
Geographic Searches How to perform geographic searches based on longitude and latitude.
Expression-based Columns How to create virtual columns and indexes that are based on SQL expressions.
Omnidex Segments How to split complex queries into multiple steps with Omnidex Segments
Attaching Data How to dynamically attach databases or tables to an existing Omnidex environment.
Exporting Data How to export data to raw data files or delimited files.

Optimizing Queries
Query Plans How to use query plans to understand how a query is processed.
Dynamic Caches How to improve performance using Dynamic Caches.
Configuring Omnidex How to configure Omnidex to achieve the best performance.

Monitoring Omnidex
Monitoring Connections How to monitor Omnidex connections.
Monitoring Queries and Statements How to monitor Omnidex queries and statements.
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