Software Installation

The Omnidex product can be installed on Windows or Linux hardware using the instructions described in this section. Once installed, Omnidex can be used on a wide variety of database systems.

Please consult the following topics as you proceed to install Omnidex on your system. If you have any difficulty during the installation process, feel free to contact us for support.

Product Editions A guide to the editions of the Omnidex product.
System Requirements A guide to the hardware and operating system requirements for Omnidex.
Supported Platforms A guide to the operating system and database platforms supported by Omnidex.
Software Downloads A page with links to download Omnidex software.
Installation Guides Guides for installing Omnidex on various operating systems.
Licensing A guide for licensing Omnidex software.
Release Notes A summary of the major features in recent Omnidex releases.
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