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Exporting Data


Omnidex provides a robust ability to export data into raw data files or delimited files, and then reuse that data in a variety of ways. Some applications use Omnidex exports to construct new tables. Other applications use Omnidex exports to prepare result sets for users or other parts of an application. Omnidex also allows exported files to be applied as criteria in a future search without having to declare a new table.

Omnidex is particularly strong as a NoSQL database. Much of the overhead of relational databases comes from adhering to the ACID requirements for databases governing Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability. Omnidex can avoid this overhead by providing a SQL Engine that directly accesses raw data files.

Omnidex is also particularly strong as a Big Data solution. Raw data files can be extraordinarily large, yet can be easily accessed using standard SQL statements through basic ODBC and JDBC connections. Omnidex can even create a logical table out of a large collection of independent data files, allowing data to come and go without the costly overhead of importing and deleting from relational tables.

Many Omnidex customers find that the ease of exporting data, combined with the ease of reusing that exported data, allows them to migrate to a raw data file solution. Whether Omnidex is used with a relational database or with raw data files, Omnidex exports are usually an integral part of any Omnidex application.

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