The section discusses the techniques for developing Omnidex applications. This is most often read by Omnidex Developers.

Choose from these topics:

Omnidex SQL
Omnidex SQL Quick Reference A quick-reference guide to Omnidex SQL, including statements and functions.
Omnidex SQL Statements A guide to all Omnidex SQL Statements.
Omnidex SQL Functions A guide to all Omnidex SQL Functions.
Omnidex SQL Qualification Syntax A guide to all Omnidex SQL Qualification Syntax.
Omnidex SQL Examples Examples of how to use Omnidex SQL in various situations.

Connection Strings
Connection Strings A guide to Omnidex Connection Strings.

ODBC Interface
ODBC Interface A guide to using the Omnidex ODBC Interface, including sample programs.

JDBC Interface
JDBC Interface A guide to using the Omnidex JDBC Interface, including sample programs.

Logging and Debugging
Omnidex Connection and Query Logging A guide to logging and monitoring Omnidex connections and queries.
Omnidex Debugging A guide to debugging Omnidex applications.

Querying Metadata
Querying Metadata A guide to interactively querying metadata from the Omnidex Environment File.
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