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The Omnidex ODBC Driver is a standard-compliant ODBC driver that provides ODBC access to Omnidex Environments. ODBC is most commonly found in a Microsoft Windows environment; however, it can also be found on UNIX platforms through available ODBC projects such as unixODBC. Omnidex's ODBC Driver is available on both Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems.

The Omnidex ODBC Driver allows standardized access to Omnidex Environments from a multitude of third party tools and applications, such as Business Objects, Impromptu, MicroStrategy and Informatica. ODBC also provides access to common office tools, such as Microsoft Access, Excel and Word. Custom applications can also access Omnidex Environments using the standard ODBC API calls.

The Omnidex ODBC Driver is based on the Version 2.0 of the ODBC standard. If you are using Version 3.5 of the ODBC standard, calls will automatically be downgraded to Version 2.0.

Integrating Omnidex with Third-Party Applications

The Omnidex ODBC Driver allows easy integration with many third-party applications. Integration is usually as simple as providing the third-party application with an appropriate connection string to point to the existing Omnidex Environment.

Omnidex automatically optimizes SQL statements to provide the best performance. Nonetheless, there are times when the wording and structure of a SQL statement can affect performance. Each third-party application will use its own method of wording and structuring the SQL statement, and not all approaches generate the best performance.

Some tools allow configuration options that alter the wording or structure of the SQL that they use. If you find that you are not obtaining satisfactory performance, you may be able to use these configuration options to improve the wording of the SQL statement, and therefore improve the performance.

Omnidex is often used with third-party packages, but Omnidex is not regularly tested with each and every third-party package. If you have difficulty integrating Omnidex with a particular third-party package, please contact Technical Support.

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