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Indexing Types and Options


Omnidex is quite easy to install on a database, especially in the prototyping phase. Most applications use two basic index types - the Omnidex Index and the QuickText Index - and they will be placed on most columns involved in queries. This indexing will usually provide enough search capability to demonstrate the capabilities of Omnidex.

As the application is more fully developed, applications may benefit from using more advanced index types, and also changing some of the indexing options. Many powerful features are accessible with these special-purpose index types and options. There are special-purpose index types that allow advanced text searches. There are indexing options that allow indexes to be pre-joined to a parent table, enabling very fast table joins. Index groups also allow multiple columns to be indexed as a single column, even when the columns are in different tables.

This section introduces you to the variety of index types, indexing options, and index groups available in Omnidex.

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