Omnidex SQL Reference


Omnidex SQL is based on ANSI SQL, but also contains extensions that support Omnidex's extended features.

Omnidex has limited support for Oracle and SQL Server specific SQL extensions such as Oracle decode.

Omnidex SQL is available using standard ODBC and JDBC connections.

Omnidex provides a high-level SQL interface to access databases enhanced with Omnidex indexes. The SQL supported is a subset of the ANSI SQL2 and ANSI SQL99 standard along with some very powerful extensions specific to Omnidex.

SQL should be used for all Omnidex application development including ODBC applications, Java applications using the Omnidex JDBC driver, and OmniAccess applications through oaexecsql. The Query Language extensions work in conjunction with the SQL standard syntax, in all types of applications.

Third party ODBC tools such as Microstratey, Cognos Impromptu, and Microsoft's Query, Access, Excel, and Word communicate with Omnidex via the Omnidex ODBC driver. Development tools such as Microsoft's Interdev, Visual Basic, and Visual C++ can communicate with Omnidex via the OmniAccess API or the Omnidex ODBC driver using object layers such as ActiveX Data Objects (ADO).

Java applications such as applets, servlets, and standard console applications can communicate with Omnidex via the Omnidex JDBC driver.

Omnidex SQL is a rich implementation of the SQL2 and SQL99 standards along with extensions specific to Omnidex.

Omnidex SQL Statements are callable via the ODBC and JDBC Interfaces.

Omnidex SQL statements can also be tested and scripted using the OdxSQL program.

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