Integrating Omnidex into Applications


Integrating Omnidex into an application usually requires integration in two areas: the application (or client) layer, and the database (or server) layer. At the application layer, languages and tools generally use ODBC or JDBC to access the Omnidex SQL Engine. At the database layer, Omnidex is configured to access the underlying database. The Omnidex SQL Engine sits in between these layers, optimizing queries using the Omnidex indexes whenever possible.

Database Integration Guides

The following guides will assist you in integrating Omnidex into your application

Relational Database Integration Guides
Deploying on a Relational Database An introduction to deploying Omnidex on a relational database.
Oracle Deploying Omnidex using an Oracle database.
SQL Server Deploying Omnidex using a Microsoft SQL Server database.
MySQL Deploying Omnidex using a MySQL database.
Generic ODBC Interface Deploying Omnidex using the Generic ODBC interface, including deploying on MySQL.

Raw Data Files
Deploying on Raw Data Files An introduction to deploying Omnidex on raw data files.
Fixed-length Files Deploying Omnidex using fixed-length data files.
Delimited Files Deploying Omnidex using delimited data files.
Omnidex Standalone Tables Deploying Omnidex using Omnidex Standalone Tables.

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