Introduction to Omnidex Indexing

Indexing Concepts

Omnidex provides a wide variety of indexing capabilities. The simplest applications may simply require a few indexes to be added, but other applications may use many more indexing capabilities. It is useful to get a quick overview of the indexing capabilities of Omnidex. Customers commonly purchase Omnidex for its basic indexing capabilities, only to discover there is more more available.

Omnidex takes a completely different approach to indexing that other databases. Instead of adding a single index here and there, administrators are encouraged to index all of the columns used in criteria, table joins, aggregations, ordering, and in certain circumstances, even retrievals. Using this approach, most queries will be fulfilled through the indexes without having to access the database at all.

That being said, indexing is not the answer to every problem. There are times to use indexes and times to avoid them.

Use Omnidex indexes for … Avoid Omnidex indexes for …
isolating a small number of rows retrieving a large number of rows
processing complex searches single-use databases
using more flexible search options
obtaining counts and aggregations
joining multiple tables
ordering a query result

it is useful to understand how Omnidex uses indexes to optimize each of these situations. This knowledge will help in choosing the best selection of Omnidex indexes and options.

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