Introduction to Omnidex Indexing

Indexing Options

Omnidex has many index types and index options, allowing the administrator to tailor Omnidex for the needs of the application.

  • Standard Omnidex Indexes provide the bulk of Omnidex functionality. These indexes are placed on columns that are involved in Omnidex criteria, table joins, aggregations, and ordering. Omnidex indexes can also be used to retrieve data without having to access the database.
  • QuickText Indexes are designed for small blocks of text, such as names, addresses, descriptions, and general text. QuickText Indexes parse the contents of the column so that each word is indexed separately, providing basic text searches at the same speed as Omnidex Indexes.
  • FullText Indexes are designed for large blocks of text, such as abstracts, articles, and text documents. FullText Indexes index each word in the column, as well as the position of each word in the field to aid in providing relevancy scores. Queries can use special syntax to require that one word be a certain distance from another word, or adjacent as a phrase.

Omnidex supports options for controlling case sensitivity, phonetic searching and excluded words. Omnidex also supports indexing options that improve queries that join multiple tables, storing table join information directly in the index. Omnidex also allows multiple columns to be indexed together into Index Groups, automatically searching all of the columns, even when some of the columns reside in different tables.

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