Introduction to Omnidex Indexing

Indexing Strategies

The simplest strategy used in Omnidex is to index everything, or at least everything that is involved in the queries. This strategy immediately supports a wide variety of queries. Each Omnidex index can be used in combinations with others, with each supporting a different aspect of the query, including criteria, table joins, aggregations and ordering. If all of the columns are indexed, most queries can be easily optimized.

Most applications then benefit from analyzing the queries and deciding on specific strategies for the most common queries. This is a good time to look at unusual search requirements, and take advantage of the indexing options and techniques that are available with Omnidex.

Omnidex administrators will strive to have as much of the query processed within the indexes as possible. A query is consider fully optimized when all aspects are fulfilled by the indexes. In fact, queries that return counts, aggregations, or a few data columns can be fulfilled without ever accessing the data itself, even when the statements involve many table joins, complex criteria, group and ordering.

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