Introduction to Omnidex Indexing

Advanced Indexing Strategies

Omnidex can optimize a great number of queries using a simple indexing strategy, but Omnidex also has many advanced features. Some of these features support optimizing particularly complex queries, with techniques for especially complex criteria, nested queries, table joins, aggregations and ordering.

Omnidex also provides techniques for:

  • incorporating large sets of criteria values into a SQL statement, such as a file of zipcodes or a list of customer numbers, without having to construct excessively large statements.
  • segmenting complex queries into multiple steps, with each step able to be referenced in subsequent queries.
  • performing geographic radius searches using latitude and longitude coordinates

These advanced indexing strategies usually require a good understanding of Omnidex Query Plans. These plans describe the steps that are involved in processing a query, including the use of indexes. These query plans are essential to insuring the best performance for queries.

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