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Advanced Strategies


A basic indexing strategy accommodates most queries, but there are advanced techniques that optimize more challenging situations. Queries with particularly complex criteria or complex table relationships can be optimized using these techniques. Omnidex also has features designed specifically to optimize distinct counts and other complex aggregations.

Before embarking on these techniques, it is important to understand Omnidex Query Plans. These plans describe the steps that are involved in processing a query, including the use of Omnidex indexes. These query plans are essential to insuring the best performance for queries.

The advanced strategies described here can be used to optimize a wide variety of queries. Even so, there are some queries that would benefit from review by one of our engineers. If you are not able to achieve the level of performance you desired with a query, contact Technical Support. We can sometimes offer suggestions as part of your support contract, and if needed, we can discuss having an engineer analyze your environment and your query plans to achieve improved performance.

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