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ActiveCounts is a feature of Omnidex that allows counts to be an interactive, visible part of any search. This can dramatically change the users experience. Most applications that don't use ActiveCounts simply prompt their users for criteria, or allow them to select from a set of choices. Most of the time, a count is only available at the end of the search. This leads to a lot of refining in searches, and can lead to impatience with the user.

With ActiveCounts, the user can choose their own path through the data, seeing the available values appear at each step of the search, informed by counts along the way. They also only see the choices that are available given all the other criteria entered so far. This approach matches the way the user thinks, and the counts allow them to see the ramifications of their choice before they even make it.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Watch a demonstration of ActiveCounts.

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